What material are the jewels?
At the moment all our jewelry is stainless steel.

How do you ensure the quality of the jewelry?
All our jewels go through the quality control area who are in charge of reviewing and testing both the materials and the design before they go on sale to the public.

Are your jewelry handmade?
Yes. We have a collection of handmade jewelry.

Does jewelry weigh?
No. The jewels are made of high quality material, which is why most of them are light to wear, but always depending on the design.

Do they turn black?
No. The jewels do not turn black but with the passage of time, use and depending on the care they can lose shine but never their color.
To extend the life of your jewelry you can review Jewelry Care.

Do you make orders with dedication?

yes You can send us a message with your dedication after making your purchase by whatsapp or email info@saella.com.pe